I am Kishor Berde, an indie game developer from India. 

A self taught game designer – developer – artist who dived into game industry in 2014. 

I consider my games as a piece of art and always try to create something unique and original.  

Working on some amazing projects.. scroll down.. hope you will love them 🙂

An amazing game about beaches and sea exploration

A game about a wannabe entrepreneur boy who is in love with beach and the ocean.. loves to explore beauty and dangers of ocean.

A game in collaboration with my friend Mrunal Kale.


If You Are Not Dumb.. is a different kind of VR puzzle game which smartly uses VR space and Hardware to make you feel dumb… and will blow your mind too! 

(May 2023 – Meta Store)


ChallengeBox is a socialised VR fitness game which is designed to burn crazy amount of calories when competing against real players online or solo. 

I co-founded ChallengeBox with Shirish Gone in July 2022. We are actively improving a game and adding more content. Over 6000 players have sweated with ChallengeBox so far..  

(Released August 2022 – Meta Store)


I got stuck! 

In 2018 and 2019 I released .Connect. and SARKWO, two successful puzzlers. I was all set to start next big projects.. I did start.. but I got stuck.. call it an indie game developer crises.. 

I worked hard to get out of it.. and resumed my journey to make amazing games 🙂

I learned this – if you get stuck and trying is not enough… check your basics.. they might be working before.. they might need to be rebuilt to breakthrough..

Cheers to these two projects I could not complete… but learnt a lot 🎉


A game about a bond between twin siblings, separated by celestial act.. You play as one of the twins and try to save other one stuck in the reverse world.. Deal with two worlds at the same time.


Hey Puppeteer

A story of a puppeteer and his childhood friends through hand-drawn art and unique mechanics..

(Not soon.. for sure..)

Other Games

SARKWO – a simplest looking puzzle game yet a challenging brainwork. Swipe and guide all marble to their respective goal.. first challenge you face is, all marbles slide together.

A game for $0.99 on App Store and on Play Pass on Google Play Store.


.Connect. is all about joining same color dots together. BUT it is not your regular color match game. TWO or TWENTY.. you have to collect all dots..

Two modes: Relax and Brain.. 175+ levels in each mode

~200,000 + downloads

Thanks for checking out my journey so far.. 🙂